Tuesday, April 05, 2005

bad cover version

Soundtrack: Neil Young - Harvest Moon

The Gresham Flyers had a scary band practice yesterday - we had a special guest.

Rick - my North American houseguest this week - came along because he evidently didn't have anything better to do on his holiday. I was was pretty nervous at the thought of performing in front of someone new - not to mention a New Order fan who would have to endure our warm-up cover of Dreams Never End, but he seemed to enjoy it. Of course, he would say that wouldn't he? The again, he could have just said 'yeah, that was good', but his opinion had more substance than that.

The poor love though, we hadn't practiced for two weeks, so we weren't at our best. Thankfully we have another practice on Sunday. We're going to have to get a lot more in too, if we're playing our first gig in May (as it seems we will be).

We also recorded ourselves yesterday, seeing as we need to find out if we're actually any good. Waz took the tapes home, so I've yet to hear them, but he said of my singing voice "You have a lot more "gravitas" than I'd expected. Which is good. You kind of sound like a female Scott Walker. And I love the way you jig about when you play glockenspiel.".


Rick said I was a 'Candida in the making', which is possibly the highest compliment it's possible to pay me. All is going well. I just need to knuckle down with the website now.

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  1. you're going to be famous!