Wednesday, April 13, 2005

tum tum tum

Soundtrack: Belly - Feed the Trees

Belly came on 6music last night, and it reminded me of the first concert I went to.

rewind 10 years

July, 1995. Leeds Heineken Music Festival.

Pulp were headlining after their jubilant performance replacing the Stone Roses at Glastonbury. I won 4 tickets from the Melody Maker, and me, my sister, and my mum and dad headed off to sunny Leeds.

I was just getting into my music - pulp, blur and supergrass being my particular favourites. I'd yet to cotton on to the fashions of the times, so I probably just turned up in scraggy jeans, Nicks trainers and a cheap Mark One t-shirt.

We were queueing up to go in, and I was amazed by all these people the same age as me being at the festival on their own. And I could not believe their clothing. You know the type; velvet jackets, docs and flared cords. There was this one girl in the queue ahead of me who had some black docs and had grafittied them with tippex. She had drawn flowers and Belly's logo.

I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.


  1. Awww... young naive Sharon!

    Although I misread Mark One as Mark owen, and wondered at your tastes... Damn... I shouldn't have double checked.

  2. I remember those days. When I wished I had stripey tights, bright red Miki-from-lush hair, a cool t shirt, and red patent doc martens. Sadly I never quite managed it.