Friday, December 23, 2005

one, two, brie

Soundtrack: Phil Spector - A Christmas Gift To You

I was chatting to my dad last night about our traditional Boxing Day 'picking tea'. Posh people might call it a buffet. Basically we have leftovers, dips, salad... you get the idea. My poor dad seems to think that he can never satisfy my vegetarian requirements; he was so worried that I said I'd buy my own Christmas meal gubbins. And when my sister told my dad to get some vegetarian pizzas in he exclaimed 'But Sue, ASDA don't do vegetarian pizzas!'. So with this in mind, the following conversation took place last night:

Sharon: I'll have some of my leftover veggie haggis..
Dad: Yeah, I said that to Dave, but he said you can't have haggis 'cause it's got blood in it
Sharon: This one doesn't, it's vegetarian
Dad: But I don't understand. What's it got in it?
Sharon: Oatmeal, turnips and swede, lentils, that kind of thing.
Dad: And you just slice it like haggis? Right, suit yourself. So what else do you eat? Do you eat cheese?
Sharon: Yes, I like cheese. I'm just not a big fan of blue cheese. Get a cheeseboard.
Dad: Well what do you eat? What do you like?
Sharon: Oh just simple stuff, you know, Brie, Edam... Whats that soft cheese with herbs in it?
Thom: Boursin
Sharon: Yeah, Boursin. Get some Boursin.
Dad: Bore, boor, bour.... Bore what?
Sharon: (spells boursin). And get some Wensleydale, you know, with the apricot or cranberries in it?
Dad: Oh yes! (smacks lips). Lovely stuff!
Sharon: You could also get some pitta to use with the dips.
Dad: PITTA? What do you do with that?
Sharon: Pitta, you know, just buy a six pack, slice it, and use it for dips.
Dad: Well if you say so. What's that nice Italian bread?
Sharon: Focaccia?
Dad: No, it's like...
Dad: That's it! Get some chapatta
Sharon: No dad, ciabatta
Dad: Oh yes, I know the difference. Different country. Right, I'll get some chapatta. So that should be alright for now; I've got a list. I'll pick you up at Rochdale at half 5ish. We'll pop to Carole's, but we can get a bit o' sommet to eat at Tesco's on the way.
Sharon: Tesco??
Dad: Aye, they have a restaurant there
Sharon: Tesco??
(This is the point where Thom is convulsing with laughter)
Sharon: Is there nowhere else to eat in the whole of Rochdale?
Dad: Well, you try finding somewhere in Rochdale on the Friday before Christmas
Sharon: (in fits of giggles) Dad, I'm sure we can find somewhere in Rochdale that sells food on a Friday night
Dad: Suit yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I have four days of this... Merry Christmas everyone, and I'll be back next week!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I believe in Father Christmas

Soundtrack: Johnny Cash at San Quentin

We had a secret santa at work yesterday. Somebody knows me very well:

I love the look of this yarn! It will go well with my bright red winter coat, and look ace with my black velvet jacket. It's asking to be made into a wide drop neck scarf when I head home on Friday.

I felt sorry for poor Peter though. I can understand the problems of a secret santa, especially when you draw a music fan. The obvious choice is 'CD'. But if you don't know music yourself, my word of advice is don't buy your recipient music. A music fan does want music, but they want something considered. They probably own everything anyway, so why not buy them a book? Or a DVD? What they definitely do not want is a Green Day CD. I have been in this situation. I have been the recipient of a Green Day album. I believe that Green Day have only sold so much because they are the choice for musicfanrecipients/don'tknowmusicgivers everywhere. Next time you participate in Secret Santa, please consider my advice.

I'm nearly ready for Chistmas. I ran out of wrapping paper last night (typical) so there'll be a emergency diversion to Paperchase tonight. And I'm still knitting my mum's scarf furiously. I need help. Look at it:

I took the inspiration from Crazy Aunt Purl - easy yet eye-catching. But isn't it a bit uneven? And I know the answer - I'm going to have to block it, aren't I? Help! I've never blocked before. I don't have a very big abode either. Help! Can I just steam it with an iron and dry it on a towel rack (I have no central heating)? Can I do all that on Thursday night and it will be ready to pack in the morning? Help!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

from Rochdale to Ocho Rios

Soundtrack: Wendy and Bonnie - Genesis

Thanks for the comments everyone. It's the funeral tomorrow, so I'm off back to Rochdale tonight. At least I can make good progress on my mum's Christmas scarf on the train. My new camera has finally arrrived, so I'll take some pictures when I get back.

I feel quite mixed up my grandad's death. I mean, he wanted it. He was ready. He told my dad he was ready to see the angels, but wanted to see my Uncle Phil first. Two weeks after Phil comes back, he passes away. He had a box containing the insurance details, burial plot details (he's being buried with my nan), the money for the funeral and even getting the first round in. My grandad always got the first round in. Yet despite the initial reluctance with the residential home, my grandad was enjoying it! The social workers were even talking of getting him a flat! But he was ready.

It's Christmas in just over a week, and it doesn't feel like it at all. We have no decorations at home because we have no room. The office was looking pretty miserable too, so we've just chipped in to get some tinsel. I have all the presents ready, bar a few knitting projects to complete (oops). Yet it doesn't really feel like it yet.

I've bought more gloves this year than I ever have in my life, and not to mention suddenly becoming obsessed with stripey socks. I'm feeling knitter's guilt right now, and feel like I should confess to the god of DPNs, but I'll be better in the new year when I have more time. Honest. I've made good progress with my second glove, so I can feel some redemption already.

Friday, December 09, 2005

worst year ever

My grandad died this morning.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

the greatest bus in the world (a tribute)

Soundtrack: The Monkees - Missing Links

It's a very sad week. As of tomorrow morning, the London Routemaster is no more.

I work by the route of the 159, which will be the last Routemaster service. All week there's been hordes of men taking photos at the crossroads, but it was only yesterday when reading BBC Magazine that I realised just what they were taking photos of.

Today has just been funny. I popped out at lunch, and I've never seen so many of the bloody things. And there were gold ones! And there were pre-Routemaster ones an'all! My boss took a slight detour (via two Routemasters) on his way back from a meeting and said there were hundreds of men with cameras. A fellow passenger apparently exclaimed "They're not usually this clean".

I was terrified of Routemasters when I first moved to London. I'm going to fall off! How do you pay for a ticket? Where's the bell to say what stop to get off at? Back then the 159 and 12 were both Routemasters and I had no choice but to conquer my fear.

It was very soon that I realised their glory. You can sit up at the front and pretend you're a driver! Is the traffic slow? Sod it, jump off in the middle of the road and get run over - at least you'll get to your destination quicker! You can pull the bell string and pretend you're a conductor! You can risk your life and catch the bus when it stops at traffic lights! You can pretend you're on a rollercoaster as you stand by the exit when you turn a corner.

The Routemasters make London. I'll be so sad to see them leave. :(

Thursday, December 01, 2005

walkers like a man

Soundtrack: New Order - Get Ready

Just seen and bought: Walkers Seasonal Turkey & Bacon Crisps (vegetarian)

Verdict: 2/10
A bit like smokey bacon (without the tang), but with the addition of chicken flavouring that may have gone out of date 20years ago. They gave me a headache.

Come and see us play The Beat Hotel tomorrow. And then dance to Thom and I DJing afterwards. I might play some Frankie Valli.