Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I believe in Father Christmas

Soundtrack: Johnny Cash at San Quentin

We had a secret santa at work yesterday. Somebody knows me very well:

I love the look of this yarn! It will go well with my bright red winter coat, and look ace with my black velvet jacket. It's asking to be made into a wide drop neck scarf when I head home on Friday.

I felt sorry for poor Peter though. I can understand the problems of a secret santa, especially when you draw a music fan. The obvious choice is 'CD'. But if you don't know music yourself, my word of advice is don't buy your recipient music. A music fan does want music, but they want something considered. They probably own everything anyway, so why not buy them a book? Or a DVD? What they definitely do not want is a Green Day CD. I have been in this situation. I have been the recipient of a Green Day album. I believe that Green Day have only sold so much because they are the choice for musicfanrecipients/don'tknowmusicgivers everywhere. Next time you participate in Secret Santa, please consider my advice.

I'm nearly ready for Chistmas. I ran out of wrapping paper last night (typical) so there'll be a emergency diversion to Paperchase tonight. And I'm still knitting my mum's scarf furiously. I need help. Look at it:

I took the inspiration from Crazy Aunt Purl - easy yet eye-catching. But isn't it a bit uneven? And I know the answer - I'm going to have to block it, aren't I? Help! I've never blocked before. I don't have a very big abode either. Help! Can I just steam it with an iron and dry it on a towel rack (I have no central heating)? Can I do all that on Thursday night and it will be ready to pack in the morning? Help!


  1. Hey Sharon, great secret santa pressie - someone thought well enough!

    You can steam iron/press knitting - but it depends on what your scarf is made from... if it's wool, it should be alright but do use a damp tea-towel or something to stop the wool taking on a shiny surface. If there's any acrylic in it, beware as that stuff can melt! Use a cool temperature, whatever the fibre content, and if it's not doing the trick, keep turning the temperature dial up until it works.

    If you rinsed it and wring, use a dry tea-towel and then press. There are a couple of ways of doing it and it should be ready in time! I wasn't taught to blobk when I was a young knitter, so always pressed.. infact I still do that and only block lacey items!

    HTH xx

  2. Well it's cotton/angora/mohair. I might go down the steam ironing route with a damp teatowel for protection after all. :)

  3. Your Secret Santa present is amazing! I (the laziest person ever, who never ever goes to a gym) got a stopwatch and a water bottle!! What are they trying to say?

  4. Getting good presents is very hard work, I'm not sure I can cope with the stress!

    The expectations of Christmas are crazy aren't they? Especially when most people can't name too many things that they actually want!

    This year, our friends and I have just given up on presents, we're just getting together and having lots of lovely food and booze.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your wool!

  5. Now then, yes, yes, yes, it's easy to block (speaking as someone who blocked her first object this week.)

    What I did:- pinned said object out on spare bed (you could use your own bed or a sheet folded up lengthwise on the floor). When you're happy with how it's shaped spray it lightly with cold water from a plant sprayer and leave to dry. Mine dried within a day easily and the room wasn't warm, and the result was good.
    Go for it.

  6. Thom16:03

    No central heating? You make it sound like we live in utter penury...

    Miss you