Saturday, January 28, 2006

welcome home

I've come home to what appears to be a parallel universe.

The Arctic Monkeys are number one all over the shop and The Flaming Monkeys have a huge article in the Telegraph. The Flaming Monkeys are half responsible for the most ridiculous gig we've ever played; the landlord banned them from playing in her pub because they were underage (by 5years) and we ended up winging an 'Another Brick in the Wall' singalong with the scallies of West Kensington. In the meantime The Flaming Monkeys go on to support Kaiser Chiefs...

Rock'n'roll, eh? Watch out for The Gresham Flyers being re-christened The Gresham Monkeys in the near future.

I'm back from France, but considering buggering off back over there now. I'm about to head off to tonight's gig at The Pleasure Unit (COME!!) and I will update about knitting and lugeing tomorrow.


Friday, January 13, 2006

you're my pride and joy etc

Soundtrack: The Tubes - White Punks on Dope

I'm not doing well. I've ruined one of my resolutions already. It looks like we're not moving to Ealing now. There's as many reasons to do it as there are to not do it, and unfortunately common sense has prevailed and made us realise we can't really get what we want for our budget. I'm very sad about it, as Ealing seemed lovely, if only because it had two waffle shops. I'm sure it's not forever, it's just not do-able right right now. :(

So I remain in Datchet, which is nearer to Windsor than Slough, and not in Slough, honest. I like Datchet (and Windsor, and Slough), so I'm not particularly sad. But it will be hard getting used to the fact that I'm staying in a sleepy village whose last train from London is at 11, compared to the bustling life Ealing had to offer.

I was just checking the blog stats, and was amused to see that someone came here when seaching for 'Please bomb Slough'. Please don't. At least wait until I've bid it adieu.

Monday, January 09, 2006

god only knows

Soundtrack: The Beach Boys 25 Years Together

I'm off work sick today. I was going to the hospital for a follow-up, but normal, check-up. I called the hospital on Friday to ask a simple question and was told I would have to have minor surgery. Thankfully, they decided not to give me surgery today on account of me being a wimp, so now I have to make another appointment (no doubt waiting another 3months) and they're going to do it under general anaesthetic instead. I still had done what I originally went in for, so I'm sat here on the sofa under a duvet. Thom took the day off to look after me, and has treated me to Krispy Kreme(s) (we went when the light was on so got 2 free!), pizza and "The Beach Boys 25 Years Together" on DVD. Really, there is no better way to recuperate than this DVD.

The gig, filmed in Waikiki, was to celebrate The Beach Boys' 25th Anniversary. Filmed in Waikiki, because it's home of the surf, innit? This is regardless of the fact that Dennis 'the dead one' Wilson was the only surfer in the band, but anyway. Do you like tenuous links? Then this is the DVD for you.

Ah, but I can tell you're not convinced... I don't know about you, but when I buy a live DVD, I want:

Topless middle-aged men with only a lei to cover their modesty: Check
'Beautiful' 80s babes in illuminous bikinis: check
Poodle perms (men and women): check
Audience members with a parrot on their arm: check
Such luminaries as Gloria Loring, Jeffrey Osbourne, Three Dog Night (well, two of 'em), Patrick Duffy and the hilarious Joe Piscopo doing a Bruce Springsteen impression: check
Belinda Carlisle, described by Thom as 'wrapped in a snail': check
Proof that cameltoes existed in the 80s: you got it

FACT: There were no beautiful girls in the 80s

Yes, this DVD really was the best medicine. And if all that wasn't enough, you had the onstage rapport. The Beach Boys took turns, line by line, to interact with the audience. The fact that you could see Brian's eyes move from side to side doesn't mean he was reading an autocue, does it? Give over, it was all said with feeling. I particularly liked Brian's tribute to his dear brother Dennis: "We love you man, and we. Want you to know. That you'll be with us wherever. We go."