Saturday, January 28, 2006

welcome home

I've come home to what appears to be a parallel universe.

The Arctic Monkeys are number one all over the shop and The Flaming Monkeys have a huge article in the Telegraph. The Flaming Monkeys are half responsible for the most ridiculous gig we've ever played; the landlord banned them from playing in her pub because they were underage (by 5years) and we ended up winging an 'Another Brick in the Wall' singalong with the scallies of West Kensington. In the meantime The Flaming Monkeys go on to support Kaiser Chiefs...

Rock'n'roll, eh? Watch out for The Gresham Flyers being re-christened The Gresham Monkeys in the near future.

I'm back from France, but considering buggering off back over there now. I'm about to head off to tonight's gig at The Pleasure Unit (COME!!) and I will update about knitting and lugeing tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous17:56

    Glad you had a great time. I listened to the Gresham Flyers just now. Is it for sale, download or otherwise, I'm being a bit thick I think!

  2. Have a good gig tonight! Paper Cuts have played there before (btw do you know any bass players? Theirs left.)

  3. Hey SP, we have mastered our single and we're just getting it pressed onto vinyl. So it will hopefully be for sale in the next month.

    Thom (who is in The Gresham Flyers) was told he was a superb bassist last night. I'm not sure I'm going to let Paper Cuts have him though! ;)

  4. Good grief, i just looked at the Flaming Monkey's site, that is soooo wrong.

    One of them appears to be wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Is that ironic or not? I don't know. Aaarrg!

    Hope the gig went well.