Wednesday, December 14, 2005

from Rochdale to Ocho Rios

Soundtrack: Wendy and Bonnie - Genesis

Thanks for the comments everyone. It's the funeral tomorrow, so I'm off back to Rochdale tonight. At least I can make good progress on my mum's Christmas scarf on the train. My new camera has finally arrrived, so I'll take some pictures when I get back.

I feel quite mixed up my grandad's death. I mean, he wanted it. He was ready. He told my dad he was ready to see the angels, but wanted to see my Uncle Phil first. Two weeks after Phil comes back, he passes away. He had a box containing the insurance details, burial plot details (he's being buried with my nan), the money for the funeral and even getting the first round in. My grandad always got the first round in. Yet despite the initial reluctance with the residential home, my grandad was enjoying it! The social workers were even talking of getting him a flat! But he was ready.

It's Christmas in just over a week, and it doesn't feel like it at all. We have no decorations at home because we have no room. The office was looking pretty miserable too, so we've just chipped in to get some tinsel. I have all the presents ready, bar a few knitting projects to complete (oops). Yet it doesn't really feel like it yet.

I've bought more gloves this year than I ever have in my life, and not to mention suddenly becoming obsessed with stripey socks. I'm feeling knitter's guilt right now, and feel like I should confess to the god of DPNs, but I'll be better in the new year when I have more time. Honest. I've made good progress with my second glove, so I can feel some redemption already.


  1. It's very touching to read about your Grandad being ready by having a box containing all the details your family would need - and even the money for a round of drinks. It must be comforting to you. I will certainly raise my glass to him tomorrow!

    My office is looking miserable too, btw.

  2. I didn't comment, because I didn't really feel like I should.

    Hope the funeral goes well, though =)

  3. Hope the funeral goes well, Sharon. Take care x

  4. I'm so sorry about your grandad's passing. Take care!