Thursday, December 01, 2005

walkers like a man

Soundtrack: New Order - Get Ready

Just seen and bought: Walkers Seasonal Turkey & Bacon Crisps (vegetarian)

Verdict: 2/10
A bit like smokey bacon (without the tang), but with the addition of chicken flavouring that may have gone out of date 20years ago. They gave me a headache.

Come and see us play The Beat Hotel tomorrow. And then dance to Thom and I DJing afterwards. I might play some Frankie Valli.


  1. Walkers Sensations Roast Lamb and mint are the bees knees. I'm not sure they're vegetarian though :(

  2. The sensations do have have lamb powder in. I was surprised to see that there was actually something real (other than salt) in crisp flavourings.