Monday, April 18, 2005

the mundanities of life

There's a girl at work, recently married, recently sprogged up, and all she talks about ALL DAY is what she bought from Marks and Spencer that morning and what she's going to cook for her husband that night.

I now know that tomatoes send her funny. I know that she prefers cracked black pepper (her husband prefers ground white). I know that her husband won't eat anything green. I've just heard that she has a DIARY of the meals she is going to cook that week. I know that everyone at our local M+S are the rudest people out of any M+S store in Britain.

When will it end?

Am I going to turn into that?

It scares me. I earn my money, I like to treat myself and Thom. I find myself asking Thom what I should cook that night. But I really can't bear the thought of turning into something whose highliights in life is the new improved bread and butter pudding recipe. I guess as long as I think of her I'll be safe. Please.


  1. Sometimes, I wonder if I've already turned into that. Or if my wife has.

  2. And bread and butter pudding is incredibly delicious. Especially if you use chocolate chips instead of raisins.

    I'll shut up now...