Tuesday, April 12, 2005

holly rude

Soundtrack: Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline

I've just spent a very long weekend in Glasgow with Thom and Rick. It was lovely, but I swear I'm getting old; I just don't seem to have the stamina anymore. And I only had 3 alcoholic drinks all weekend! It's not just Glasgow, I just don't seem to have energy full stop these days. I never seem to be in the mood for dancing anymore (I don't like the sound of that) and I often think it will be nicer to just stay home and be in bed for 10. Hopefully the impending summer will sort that out.

Anyway, Glasgow was fun, and tiring, and bloody freezing. We arrived on Thursday - me in my thin red summer jacket - to the news that it was 8 degrees celsius. And it got colder. Friday was spent battling the fierce winds of Edinburgh. It was a shame, because I just wanted to stay indoors drinking hot chocolate rather than see the city. Arthur's Seat - which offers the best views of the city - was out of the question. I still had fun though. Along with finding a white label of pulp's razzmatazz, Kristin and Chris took us on a tour of the Holyrood Scottish Parliament building (where they both work). So while tour groups were being shown the public entrance and the cafeteria, the natives were showing us around all the little conference rooms and places no one else gets to see. It was strangely fascinating, and amazing to think that people actually work there everyday!

That night wasn't too good though. I found out that my uncle is seriously ill. They think it might be cancer of the liver, but they're still doing tests. I got pretty upset about it, and I haven't quite recovered. I found myself wishing I was at home for the rest of the weekend, just wanting Thom to give me reassuring hugs, just wanting a bit of space to think. I felt bad for Rick, because I think I put a bit of a dampner on the last days of his holiday, but I just couldn't snap out of it. :(

And now Rick's gone home. He's so great, and has been such a rock to me for the past few years. I was just pondering yesterday how sad it is that some of the people I feel closest to live the furthest away. Don't get me wrong, I have Thom, and I have friends in London that I'm getting even closer too. But two of the people I relied on moved to America last year. Sometimes I love my global friendship networks - I love how the world seems to be getting smaller communications-wise - but you don't get the smiles or the hugs.

Anyway, my life enrichment has almost begun. I chose to enrol on the German beginners course. Wish me luck!


  1. Just wanted to say sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope you and your family are alright.

  2. Number Six08:59

    I hope your Uncle would be ok, I do know better than most what he's going through. You have good people around yoou, stay positive and keep smiling. Your face lights up like the 4th of July when ya smile Chuck. Love to Thom as well Bri xx