Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Soundtrack: The Doors - The Soft Parade

I do feel embarassed about the fact that I can only speak one language. In this day and age I really should be more multi-lingual. Thom can speak near fluent German and French, yet all I have to my name is GCSE French.

I was stopped outside Waterloo station once by a petrified French woman who couldn't speak English and needed to find a certain street. In that time of pressure I seemed to give her directions that made sense, but when I think about it, my French is very limited.

Anyway, they're doing language courses at work. Half paid for by work, and lessons at lunch make it a very tempting offer indeed. I'm wondering whether I should brush up my French or learn German. I've tried to learn German twice now; firstly at school who then made me choose between French and German at GCSE, and then I attempted an intermediate course at Southwark College which was far too advanced for me, so I dropped out. Yet I've visited Germany more recently than France. Should I go for it?


In other lifestyle changes I'm considering giving up drinking again. I gave up from Jan-March this year. I didn't feel any different from it, I guess I just wanted to prove that I could.

Since I started drinking again (on my birthday) I still didn't drink much, but this last week has more than made up for that. I've been drinking every day Fri-Tues and I'm bloody knackered. I haven't even been overdoing it, well ok, I had two all-day drinking sessions in that, but I've been getting stomach cramps and absolute exhaustion from it. And it does cost a fortune. Thom's also tee-total, so it is easier to give up when someone else has. Maybe I should just restrict myself to club nights only, as that's when I most miss drinking.


  1. French, French, French.

    I'm thinking about taking that back up too. Or maybe Spanish. These are our worries...

  2. killiedaft21:40

    Oh no, German is the way to go!

    *says he, with French exams on Wednesday*

  3. I think I'm going to go for German. I'm a bit worried about being put in too advanced a French class, and struggling to keep up.