Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm picking up good vibrations

Soundtrack: Beach Boys - Wild Honey

Aargh - work to do! This is a good thing, but it means I haven't had time to blog, so apologies to my demanding audience (

I had quite a fun easter break doing what seemed like not a lot, but when written down looks a lot more eventful than it is:

Thursday afternoon - Pizza Express to celebrate Tim's impending marriage, and a fair bit of white wine.

Friday - Hung around Windsor. Left my purse at home due to payday not being for another week. Watched Thom clothes shopping.

Saturday - Hung around Reading. Left my purse at home due to payday not being for another week. Watched Thom clothes shopping (he bought lots of lovely clothes that make him look dead sexy). Watched Thom win his Dexy's ebay purchases at the last minute. Drove back to Tooting and ate pizza.

Sunday - Disastrous "baking" of chocolate mini egg nests. Added butter to the melted chocolate, confusing myself with the mars bar cake recipes I'd read earlier in the week. Chocolate congealed. Ran to Sainsbury's to find it was SHUT. On EASTER SUNDAY. Made the nests anyway. Finished the scarf I was knitting. Went to see Love at the Le Beat Bespoke Weekender*. Was deafened by the lead guitarist's monitor.
Monday - Tinnitus. Watched Return to Oz in bed. Ate dodgy chocolate nests in bed. Demoed some songs in bed. Left bed to order curry. Watched Mullholland Falls. Went to bed and watched Ikea Drives me Crazy on't telly.

*writing 'the Le' does not sit well with my inner-grammar alarm, but it just doesn't sound right without it


In between my extremely busy day of listening to Welsh people yesterday, I was having quite a heavy emailing session with Thom and Kristin. Thom explained why he has a deep love for The Byrds. Apparently they prompted him to get with his first ever girlfriend. I knew there was a reason I didn't like The Byrds! Is it wrong of me to have an inferiority complex and paranoid schizoid tendencies when the man who loves me talks about his previous infatuations. Yes, it probably is.
Anyway, to get him back I told him all the bands I got into due to previous blokes. He'll probably hate all the music I listen to now:

1997 - Joy Division, Gong
1999 - Bobby Womack, Orange Juice
2000 - Neil Young, Bert Jansch, Fairport Convention (although they took a bit of reignitiion from Thom to really sink in)
2003 - The Features, Beach Boys (again Thom became the main fuel for this burning ember)
2004 - Dexy's Midnight Runners, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Sparks, Gene Clark... and XTC are finally sinking in

Rather interestingly, I had a resistance to quite a few of those bands at first, but it took breaking up with the bloke to really begin to appreciate them. I like the way I barely show resistance to what Thom listens to (bar Steely Dan). He must be doing something right.


  1. Hurray! I was wondering when you'd update. I think I've become obsessed with blogs because of the Bowlie holiday.

  2. You gotta love those "inferiority complex and paranoid schizoid tendencies" because without them maybe you could at some point even if only briefly forget just how damn lucky you are to have found "that man" about whom those feelings rise up. That's how I've decided to treat my own inner demons anyway ;o)

  3. Anonymous18:52

    Gong? GONG? Were you dating Shaggy from Scooby Doo? Tsk.

  4. Am I bad for thinking the post was called "I'm picking up good vibrators"?

  5. Your thing still says "0 comments". Well nevermind. I like your blog. Best of all the Bowlies.

  6. I fixed it. Because I rock.