Friday, March 18, 2005

my mate

Poor marmite. It has to be the most misunderstood product of yeasty goodness in this world.

Complaints for a commercial that portrays this beauty as a terrifying big brown blob have just been upheld by advertising watchdogs. They say it's because it scares young children. But I know that they're marmite-hatas really.

(Sharon earlier today)

The problem is people just don't know how to eat it right.

Just the tiniest cm-long blob is necessary for the uninitiated - your tolerance (and infatuation) will grow over time. Spread it underneath a layer of cheese for a stunning cheese toastie. Coat your toast before putting beans on top. Add it to your spag bol!

Here's the best way to prepare a simple toast and marmite delight.

Toast and Marmite Delight:

1. Toast 2 slices of WHITE bread

2. Butter one slice.

3. Place the second slice ON TOP of the first, and butter.

4. Put the top slice UNDERNEATH the bottom slice. The bottom slice will now be fluffy. Coat your knife with approximately 1cm blob of marmite. Spread.
There's no need to cover the entire slice with marmite, patches are fine, and offer you a break from the yeasty goodness.

5. Repeat for slice 2.

6. Eat whilst hot.


  1. oh you and your marmite!

    Maybe I should try it sometime. I'm reluctant to buy a whole jar of it though...

  2. The tub I buy is as wide as a CD. It lasts just 2months.