Thursday, March 17, 2005

ebay my life away

Soundtrack: Ben E King - Spanish Harlem

+ SUN! +
- scabby forehead -

When I worked between Christmas and New Year, we had nowt to do. This meant I was very naughty and bought a 40GB iRiver online. It's mid-March and I still haven't managed to put all my CDs on. Not due to laziness, I'm at it every chance I get! Still, it's helped me to streamline my collection a little, which in turn has made me discover the (potential) delights of ebay.

Do I listen to Fin de Siecle? No. Do I listen to Trailer Park? No. So up they go. Great, that was easy. Oh, they didn't sell. Ooh, I can re-list for cheaper, and if they sell I get my listing fees back. Great! Do they sell? No.

I swear I've spent more money listing the CDs I want to sell than I have made on selling ONLY ONE album. Can you believe out of all the albums I've put up - including the "much loved" Green Day (it was a birthday present) - the only item I seem to be able to sell is Go-Kart frickin' Mozart. Sheesh. I'm not sure this ebay malarky is all it's cracked up to be.


  1. what about old fashioned second hand shops? are there any around that will buy them from you?

  2. I've tried that one before. I got £15 for around 40 albums, singles and promos - including a signed Craig David album!. £15 doesn't even buy me one new album!

  3. hmmm funny how no one wants them! how. odd.

    you should call it a loss and just use them for arts & crafts and recycle the cases.

  4. danski jeb18:25

    I nearly offered you 50p for Trailer Park thinking it was Ash's first record, but that's just Trailer, isn't it. I don't want no Beth Orton.

  5. I don't blame you. Neither do the masses.

  6. Paul00:25

    I was using amazon marketplace as they don't charge to list.

  7. Ooh, I thought Amazon marketplace was businesses only. I bet you can charge a bit more there too. Cheers for the tip Paul!