Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Soundtrack: Shuggie Otis - Inspiration Information

If there's one thing I hate, it's the work whip-round. The card and collection for someone marrying/dropping sprogs/leaving is traumatic - and it's an expected.

A close colleague is getting married next week. It occurs to us today that it's his last day tomorrow, which is a half day because Queenie lets us have an extra half day at Easter. A card has been sent round, but barely anyone in our division has signed it. And for some unknown reason a collection wasn't started, despite the jiffy bag being the symbol for 'fill this with money'.

Everybody has been having babies recently, so I think everyone's a bit bored of forking out. Not that this help me. I'm freaking out today about there being nothing to buy a present with - myself and my other two colleagues aren't contributing to the collection because we're going to the wedding so will take something on the day. And I'm taking the stress of this personally because if I don't take control of the situation, then no one will. But time's running out and everyone is being a skinflint. Aargh.

< /rant>


  1. Ah, the work whip-round, a common occurance in our place too.

    In our team, we've started a tradition of card, cake and a wee present for everyone's birthday. I'm next, but I share my b'day with another colleague and I'm wondering if people will be too tight to get 2 cards etc. I'd rather my colleague got something nice anyway as I know there are other plans elsewhere in the building for me (even though I'm not meant to know about them!).

    So yes, it can be a pain, but here people are genuinely made up that the folk they work with take the time to do this for them. Plus, it may be accompanied by a trip to the pub. Not that we need an excuse of course...

  2. In our team, leaving became so frequent that towards the last person leaving the team, there was a general feeling of complete collection-overkill.

    Of course, there is the option of becoming an office chugger. Afterall, some people will sprog frequently, and most people have a recurring annual birthday. But ideally you'd like to think that folk only get married once.

  3. I've stopped giving to every collection at work - some people leave and you realise you've never even had a conversation with them. One guy lft, had a collection, then came back last month. I want a refund!