Thursday, March 24, 2005

say it with words

Soundtrack: The Lovin' Spoonful - Lonely (Amy's Theme)

Today's a good day. A half day with the promise of Pizza Express at 12.30. The whip-round seems to have been sorted. And my beautiful boyfriend should finally be offered a permanent contract at work. This is after months of being messed around, so it's about time. Signs are good for a nice relaxed Easter break. And then the week after my dear friend Rick is coming over from North Carolina for the week. A long weekend in Glasgow imminent. I love it when everything is sailing along.

I had a lovely email from Rick this morning, just checking in before his arrival. Rick's not one to shy away from saying how he feels about someone, and his email saying how much of a dear friend I am just had me glowing this morning. It got me thinking - friends rarely say what they feel about you. My boyfriend tells me he loves me. My parents tell me they love me. But a friend rarely says 'You know, you're great, you are'. I rarely say it either. I should.


  1. Anonymous18:19

    You are a very lucky girl, because nobody tells me they love me. To know you are loved makes a lot of difference.

  2. when's this imminent weekend in glasgow, then? *prod*

  3. 7th-10th April, with the jedipanmeister. I did mention it ages ago. I freaked out last night when I realised I had nowhere to stay. :/