Monday, March 21, 2005

It's the sun, and it makes me shine

Soundtrack: Remains - Don't Look Back

I have no idea what I've been doing today, but I've somehow managed to not do any work and still not have time to update my blog. I'm sure I've been doing something important. Anyway, it's lunch now (just), so I thought I'd bring you a recap of my delightful weekend.


SUN!!! It's officially springtime (well it is today, with the
vernal equinox) but it certainly seemed it on Saturday. Thom and I woke up with the sun in our eyes, and were determined to do something with our day.

Let's go to the Chalk Horse! Oh, there's three Uffingtons, do you know which one it is?

Let's go to Swindon! Why Swindon? It's only full of roundabouts.

Let's go to Bournemouth! Look at how packed the M4 is - it'll be heaving.

We made it a couple of miles, replenished with a can of Diet Coke with lime in it, before heading back to Thom's house to sit in the garden for a while. Then a flash of inspiration - 3 men in a boat stylee. We traipsed down to the Thames (through the hoardes of tourists crowding around Windsor Castle) to a pretty secluded spot. And we sat there and ate SCONES. How frightfully British!


Band practice! It's been a sad week with Jess dropping out of the band due to work commitments, but we had a great practice. We also finally agreed on our name.

The Gresham Flyers:

Thom Allott - chief bass-meister/guitar
Martin Hall - guitar/bass
Sharon Leach - keyboards/vocals/glockenspiel/percussion
Dan Morton - drums/Roland/vocals
Andrew Newman - guitar/keyboards/drums/Roland/vocals
John Waring - guitar/keyboards/bass

Not bad really. I look a lot more impressive than I actually am there, too!

It's so much fun though. We're already knuckling down four original songs - one I absolutely love for it's summery-vibe. I think the vocals are going to be the icing on the cake though - providing we can be nearly 1% as good as the Beach Boys.

Oh how delightful - Polyphonic Spree's It's the Sun has just come on the radio. Today's a good day.


  1. Hey Princess Britain, your band sounds awesome. I hope you put me on the guestlist when you become big and tour the world.

  2. Anonymous20:41

    Bass-meister? It's a pretty way of saying 'my boyfriend's just the bass player'. And that's all I am.

  3. I'd have you over hooky any day of the week.