Sunday, July 31, 2005

the wait

Soundtrack: New Order - Substance

So here I am. It's time. In T - 6 hours, I'll be waiting to go onstage.

It's The Gresham Flyers' first gig. It's the first time I've played live in front of a crowd. Well, there was the time I played cello with the Rochdale Youth Orchestra, but I made it all up so it doesn't count. And I don't count drunken karaoke.

I'm nervous as hell, and look a sorry sight sat here covered in hair dye with a brown towel draped over my shoulders. I've just got rid of my parents who are down for their birthday - the pinnacle of which will be seeing me play live! Hah! That's a 50th my dad will never forget.

We went to The Comedy Store last night, and my dad exclaimed 'Let's hope you go down a storm like those comedians did'
'But dad, I don't want the audience to fall about laughing'
'Well, if they do, can't be helped'.


No, he's been offering support, bless him. He came up to me earlier and hugged me. 'This has been your dream forever, hasn't it Shaz? Knock 'em dead'.

Aargh! There flips my stomach a millionth time. It'll be fine. I've never messed up in rehearsal badly. It'll be right.

If you're stuck at a loose end this evening, pop down to The Pleasure Unit, Bethnal Green Road. We'll be onstage around 8pm. More details at this link.

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