Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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So yesterday evening was the first time I caught the tube after the second terrorist attack last Thursday. I was late for band practice because I insisted on getting the bus to Shepherd's Bush rather than catch the tube. I spent all weekend in Windsor because I didn't want to face any of that.

It's such a horrible time to live in, when you don't even feel safe commuting to and from work. I can't wait until I move to Berkshire next month, so all I have to do is catch the nice safe train that nobody actually wants to bomb.

I found this interesting article on the BBC website:

" It's a crowded train in central London, and I'm sitting opposite an Asian man carrying what looks like a large laptop bag.

Is it a coincidence that no one else is sitting near us? Is it an accident that he's pushed out his corporate ID card so that it's clearly visible over his jacket, hanging like the open page of a passport? Public transport can be a world of unspoken signals and gestures - but am I right in thinking that he looks self-conscious, sometimes burying his face in his arms as though asleep? "

How horrible that innocent commuters are having to face this. An Asian friend was telling me the other day how he was fishing around in his bag as his Discman was playing up. He was fumbling around, trying to get the bloody thing to work, and when he looked up he found that the person opposite was looking really uneasy. He realised why, removed the Discman from his bag and was absolutely blatant about what he was fiddling with. We all had a little laugh about it, but the point remains that he, and many others, are going through that. And I find myself scrutinising other people too. Of course, it's only a good thing that passengers are more alert and aware, but what must we be making people feel like? :(

Oh sod it.

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