Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bomb blasts in London

I'm sat in the office, after spending the morning listening to news report after news report detailing explosions on the London underground and buses.

I've had friends emailing, family calling, making sure I'm ok.

Thankfully I work just south of the river, so I'm well out of the area affected (Holborn/Russel Square/Liverpool St/Aldgate).

It sounds like there is little doubt that what is happening to London is due to a terrorist attack. Keep hearing from colleagues families based in Russel Square.

We've just had a building announcement telling us not to leave the office.

Nothing's directly happened to me, but I am shaking with absolute fear. This is horrible.

Pictures here:

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  1. Hey, I read your blog regularly. Hope it clears up where you are soon, I'm out in Greater London so it isn't so bad here.