Friday, July 01, 2005

the incredible hulk

Soundtrack: Dillard & Clark - The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark

I've been going to the gym now for over a month, and the next day I always feel so revitalised and full of energy. I told myself that if I stuck at the gym, I would look into becoming a member of my work one. I looked into it, and for £12.50 a month (!!!) how can I not?

So yesterday was my induction. Mr Gym didn't show me the equipment as I can use that already, so instead he showed me toning exercises, you know, lots of leg lifting and stomach tightening, that kind of thing. The fact that this involved weights and huge bouncy balls excited me too. I didn't do much in the induction, so I thought I'd practice some of the exercises at home before I went to bed last night.

Well today I can't walk. It's not even funny. I'm waddling like a constipated penguin. Everytime I try and stand straight my legs almost buckle. I just went to the toilet (stop laughing) and thank god there's a bigger cubicle with bars to 'lower' yourself onto the throne. Such agony. And my legs are lumpy because my muscles have swollen so much.

Is this a sign that the toning exercises are working? Or should I just stick to the chuffin' exercise bike?!


  1. I believe it's your body's way of telling you that you have just used muscle groups that you haven't used often. You should always take a day or two off inbetween exercises to give your muscles a chance to recover. Be sure to stretch out real well before and after these exercises too. And drink lots of water after your workouts.

    To break up your routine, you could work on legs/back one day, then arms/shoulders/chest the next. I believe you can do cardio exercises (eliptical machines, treadmill, etc.) every day (cardio is recommended 30 min. per day, 4-5 days per week).

    Try to vary your workouts every 30 days or so if you can. Your body will adapt to your routine, and your workouts will become less effective if you do not change things up a bit.

    You could also purchase Glutamine powder (the bottle I have says "L-Glutamine Powder"). You mix it with water and drink it right before and right after you work out. It's supposed to help your muscles recover faster from intense workouts (so you're not as sore). It also supposely boosts your immune system - bonus!

    Hope this helps!

    x Dawn

  2. Anonymous21:09

    sounds like leg cancer to me.