Monday, July 04, 2005

How was it for you?

Soundtrack: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

I refer to Live 8, of course.

It worked, I guess. It encouraged myself, and millions more, to sign the petition, so I guess it was successful in that sense. In terms of it being an entertaining way to raise awareness, well that's debatable.

It was a hungover day for me, so although it wasn't my intention, I caught most of the show. I don't know, it just all seemed a bit Virgin AM and not very reflective of the diverse tastes of the nation. It was certainly cringeworthy and self-congratulatory (ooh, I'll sing a bit of your song, and you can sing a bit of mine). But you still watch don't you? There's obviously some secret rule that insists if something is broadcast for more than 3hours, we have to sit down and watch for the duration.

So see most of it I did, but I certainly wasn't blown away until the oldies came on and showed everyone how it was done. Pink Floyd's reformation was obviously the big draw of the day, but I'm sure that made The Who up their game a bit as they were magnificent. Thom's excitement about Pink Floyd was enough to keep me captivated, and lying on his chest through the performance, it was wonderful feeling his excitement through his heartbeat! They missed a trick by not bringing Scissor Sisters on for Comfortably Numb. Now that I would have paid to see.

I don't think I'll look back in 20years time and remember the day like I did when Live Aid was broadcast. I was 6 the last time, it was a beautiful sunny day, and I was playing out with my sister and a girl who lived behind our house. Every house seemed to have it's door open with Live Aid blaring out; my mum avidly taping the whole bloody thing...

We'll see whether Live 8 has made a change on Wednesday.

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