Friday, July 08, 2005

everyday is like Sunday

Soundtrack: BBC London 94.9

What a bizarre 24 hours. I've been feeling jittery all morning, but going to the gym this lunch seems to have sorted that out.

I was nervous before my travel to work this morning. I had such a strong sense of anticipation - like something else was going to happen. I felt tearful on the bus. Maybe it's that time of the month, who knows, but the bombings seem to have had quite an effect on me.

Of course, it's today when you hear about the friend who was on a train that exploded, the friend who had to escape through the tunnel, the friends who would usually be on those trains. I didn't experience anything like that, just minor disruptions getting back to Tooting last night. But hearing my dad on the phone was enough for me. I text him as soon as I heard of 'a power surge' on the underground, just to let him know my sister and I were safe. This was before everything unravelled and the mobile network went down. Still, my dad never received the text. Come midday he was frantic when he finally got through to me.

I couldn't bear to get the tube to work this morning, so I did the two-bus route. It took a long time, and the streets were so quiet. It was like a Sunday morning just preparing for business. I'm going to go back to Rochdale tonight to see my family. I was going anyway, but it seems all the more necessary now.

London's made of stronger stuff than the terrorists anticipated though. The reaction of the city was amazing. My thoughts are with all friends who have had a traumatic time.


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