Monday, February 13, 2006

things that make you go ewwww

Soundtrack: The Organ - Grab That Gun

Our shower/bath fills the length of the bathroom, and in each corner of the bath we have a standing unit which holds our shower gels and that.

I was in the shower last week and noticed that on Thom's side, the bottom had what looked like some badly pressed in putty to keep the unit standing in place. It was a discoloured white colour, the kind of colour putty turns when Southern water has been spraying on it for a long time. It was indented in the middle as if someone's thumb had tried to press it into place. It was such a botch job, i couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it in the 6months I'd been living there, but didn't think anything else about it.

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, and even had a try at bleaching the putty a little, but it wasn't changing. Last night Thom decided to have a bath. I was sat downstairs watching Corrie and eating a yoghurt, when Thom called out 'Sharon, you've got to see this. It's disgusting'. I didn't want to go and look at something disgusting whilst half-way through my yoghurt, but he was freaking out so much I thought I better.

It turns out that what I thought was putty was actually funghi. Worse than that, it was 2 fully-fledged MUSHROOMS! We had to scrape it out with a fish knife which I promptly threw away. I don't think this will do much in my campaign to convince Thom that mushrooms are yummy. In fact, I'm not sure I have the stomach for them anymore myself...


  1. Now you need to grow some potatoes under your sink, and you're sorted.

  2. Hang on, you cleaned the bathroom and bleached this 'putty' to no effect?

    Surely bleach and some scrubbing should have sorted out those mushrooms!

  3. Ha! We had mushrooms growing in our shower when we lived in Chiswick. No matter what we did to try and eliminate them, they always grew back!

  4. Hey Stef - I didn't want to rub the 'putty' off and make the stand fall down!

  5. you should have cooked them then and there to prove their deliciousness

  6. Anonymous18:04

    Gack! I think I'd have to start wearing shoes in the shower after that.