Friday, February 24, 2006

G+T and me

Soundtrack: Led Zeppelin - House of the Holy

I feel like I'm wearing eau de Gordon's today. I went out last night, and I only had five G+Ts, yet today I feel like there's a kind of aura about me... Is five a lot? I don't think five is a lot. It was not too much that I had a restless nights' sleep dreaming about downing cartons of juice, but it was enough for me to feel like swallowing tooth-brushing remnants this morning to quench my thirst. I didn't, but it took a lot of willlpower not to.

I'm really into my gin at the moment. I'm not much of a drinker, and the amount of times I've drunk on my own I can count on one hand. But I got home last Friday frazzled after a busy week at work, and all I wanted was a G+T (I was tempted by the Victory Gin, but the best won out). My job interview on Wednesday went particularly badly (unsurprisingly I didn't get the job), and all I wanted when I got home was a G+T.

I think I'm making up for lost time. G+T was the first drink I ever got stupidly drunk on, and after a bad experience I was put off it for years. I have to be careful about making it my drink of choice, as too much of it makes me maudlin. But in moderation, and bearing in mind my content state of mind and need to be relaxed with my workload, then it seems like the right drink for me.

Enough alcoholic ramblings...

My wonderful SP7 sent another present right on cue. She has a great sense of timing, and it was there when I got home on Wednesday (along with the promise of gin and pizza). When I'm near my camera I'll take photographic evidence. :)


  1. Anonymous17:04

    Glad you liked the things! I posted you a little package today, for Thom who needs looking after when he's poorly!!
    I don't think you're an alcie yet! However if I've had a few I can't quite get going for half the day!!

  2. jennifer17:29

    Gin and tonic is sooooooooo butch, Sharon! But, like, sexy butch (I think of Rick).

  3. I think gin and tonic is great. It makes me think of 18th century whores, which is what we should all aspire to be.

  4. Tonic water is disgusting, I don't care how many mosquitos it repels.

  5. Sorry to hear about the job interview but G&T is a good cure-all I reckon.

    As to whether 5 is a lot or not, it really depends on whether they were doubles. 5 doubles would leave me feeling a bit worse for wear but 5 singles... Just a warm up! :-)

    If you can find it you should try Miller's Gin. They're starting to sell it in Odbins and a few other places now and I have seen it a few bars but not many. it's well worth checking out!