Saturday, February 18, 2006

it's about time

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I've been quiet on the knitting front as I've been beavering away with not much to report. But finally! I've finished the clapotis. Here it is pre-blocking on my bed right now.

Hopefully you can see how pretty the colourway is, and maybe appreciate how long it took me because it's so huge. And thankfully I'll be wearing it like a scarf, so you can't see the mistake. But bugger, I've mentioned the mistake now. I might as well show you what's been making me cry.


I was knitting away in France and noticed at one point that I had one extra stitch. I couldn't figure out where it started, but didn't think it mattered because as long as I do about a bit of strategic 'knit 2 together', everything will be fine. But I was wrong.


I've taken months on you, you swine. I've spent a fortune on you, you swine. I loved you. I will be tidying you up and sewing in a squillion ends because of the stupid number of balls you made me buy (6, grumble grumble). And now you do this to me. Swine.

Ah well, the way I'll wear it no one will notice. And I was spurred on by two extremely emphatic compliments about the piece, and the colours. It'll be fine.


In other knitting news, I'm still here knitting the SP7 secret knitalong. This last bit is taking me a bit of time because I haven't printed off the instructions, so knitting it depends on when Thom's not using the laptop. But here it is as it stands right now.

I'm not sure what it's going to be yet, and I can't get a very good picture of it for you to guess either, but it could make a nice front to the possible cushion I might knit with the yarn I got for Christmas.

It's amazing how much knitting I've managed to do this week. Interesting, if you consider that I have a job interview that I'm meant to be preparing for. Not that knitting is a tool for procrastination, of course. Oh no.

I have a job interview on Wednesday which ticks off one of my new year's resolutions (shoddy considering the only other resolved resolution is washing my jumpers. Oops). It's a scary interview that will take half a day and needs me to write a scary presentation. And it's an important interview because although it's not a progressive career move in terms of my grade, it is in terms of prospects, and a huge learning curve as I'll be doing something I only do a little bit of in my job. And as much as I enjoy my current job (when I'm busy), I have been doing it for nearly 6years and there's absolutely nowhere for me to go, and no room for promotion. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!

    Your clapotis looks lovely.

  2. You are the knitting queen! I haven't done any since I started that jumper - I'm not cut out for it.

    Best of luck for the interview. Grrr, go tiger!

  3. Your Clapotis is lovely! Good luck with the interview ;)

  4. I can barely see that mistake. I think it adds a personalisation anyway, a bit of character. :)