Thursday, February 16, 2006

obligatory post about Valentine's Day

Soundtrack: Super Furry Animals - Love Kraft

On Valentine's Day I was going to post a little about how Thom and I don't do Valentine's Day, and how it doesn't matter blah blah. But Thom only went and surprised me with this magnificent gift from Lush. Well I won't say that I wasn't chuffed to bits! Bless him.

What I was going to write, but stupid work got in the way, was the story of how we got together. I feel like being soppy.

I first met Thom in December 2003 at a Belle & Sebastian gig. We both post on this website and we were having a bit of a B&S fan meet-up. We'd sent the odd personal message to each other, so it was good to meet him at last. He was weaing a cyberdog t-shirt with a dot matrix scrolling message on the front - like you get on tube platforms. During the gig Thom changed the text to say 'Sharon loves Stevie' (Jackson, B&S guitarist) as I have a bit of an infatuation. Thom kept holding it up during the gig and the band noticed and pointed it out. It turned me into a giggling teenager again! Thom had to leave early to get the last train home, and I went to the aftershow party where I actually ended up talking to Stevie Jackson about how fantastic Frankie Valli and ELO are. Stevie thought the scrolling sign was funny.

I next met Thom in March 2004. That weekend was a whirlwind, as it was the weekend before my birthday, and there was a lot of drunkeness. Thom was there with his psycho girlfriend. I remember sitting down next to him, realising it was his girlfriend's seat and saying I'd move. 'Don't bother, I'd rather speak to you'. Hehe.

Things started picking up pace from there... emails started increasing in frequency, we started going out socially, relationships ended, surprise mix CDs were sent, dancing at HDIF and The Penelope Tree, going to see The Features, record shopping together, goodbye kisses on the cheek, and then onto profuse texting. Well you know what it means when you start texting all the time... I went home for the Spring Bank Holiday and we were at it all weekend. On my coach back to London Thom moaned that he had no one to go to the cinema with. I cheekily suggested that I could go with him if he didn't mind waiting. We arranged a 'date' for later that week. But two days before that, our friend Ed invited us to a barbecue in Maidenhead.

Thom spent the night drinking illuminous tropical cordial and I spent the night getting tipsy with nerves... We were outside in the garden, and everyone had headed inside... Nearly two years on from that night we haven't looked back. :)


  1. That is a lovely story! Congrats.

  2. i wish i had someone to text with. just kidding, sorta. i remember you telling me some of this as it was happening...pretty fucking cool.

  3. I have no idea what a cyberdog t-shirt is.

  4. jennifer04:46

    Jamie, you text me. Dude, and once, like, in the middle of the night. I am NOT on San Francisco time! ;p It was nice to relive this story, Sharon.

  5. Trish and Dan (Tan)11:26

    Aw,that's so sweet. Dan and I are nearly shedding a tear as we projectile vomit.