Wednesday, February 08, 2006

get rhythm when you get the blues

Soundtrack: Johnny Cash - American IV: Man Comes Around

You can't have failed to notice the recent Johnny Cash revival, mainly due to the release of the Walk the Line biopic last week. I was reading a lengthy article about the great man in Word Magazine this morning, and it got me thinking about my Johnny Cash-associated memories:

1. Going to a dodgy club in Shoreditch on the day he died. This club played a lot of 'electroclash' (remember that?) and choons of that ilk. And then in tribute to Cash they played Get Rhythm. The place erupted.

2. Having a bath while listening to Man Comes Around for the first time, and being moved to tears upon hearing his rendition of First time ever I saw your face.

3. Sat on a nightbus back to Tooting with my sister. A girl - a complete stranger - sat in front turned around and insisted I listened to the song she had on her Discman. It was 'I hung my head', again off Man Comes Around. She said she had never heard a song like it. She said she had had the song on repeat for the whole jouney, and she just had to share it with someone else.

4. I Walk the Line being played at my grandad's funeral.


  1. Thom15:35

    Blaspehmy though it may be, I think (like you do with Talking Heads) there is such a thing as too much Johnny Cash. That's not to say he's rubbish, but any more than an albums worth is a bit much. I prefer his early stuff meself, and oddly for my atheistic ass, the spirituals.

    Then again, Live At San Quentin is one of the best live albums ever made


  2. Ever seen the video for 'Hurt'? That has to be one of the best videos ever made.

  3. My dad bought a Johnny Cash album today. Sorry, I'm not trying to make you feel old, I am trying to make my dad feel young! =)

  4. you've just reminded me that i still haven't seen the film. my stepmother wants to see it and i'm supposed to take her. i am a bad son.