Monday, February 06, 2006

it's oh so quiet

Bjork's Army of Me is on the radio right now. Which reminds me. Last night I had a dream that Bjork's latest 'incarnation' was that of a transexual.

In my dream she stepped over me (I was lying down for some reason) and I did a double-take. I sat up to find Bjork with a shaved number 3, looking quite androgynous in her thick-knit olive green farmer's jumper, and with a bum fluff moustache from the steroids she was evidently taking.


  1. That's bizarre. Did you eat cheese before you went to bed?

  2. Tricia19:02

    I always imagine that if I were ever to meet Bjork we would crouch on all fours and bark at each other, sharing some deep and yet laughably stupid sense of understanding with each other. She's that kind of girl.

  3. And I thought my dreams were weird?!

    I was puzzled for a second what a 'shaved number 3' was...

  4. Oh, I think Bjork would suit a no.3 ;) Great dream!