Sunday, November 20, 2005

the x-files

Soundtrack: Electrelane - The Power Out

It's been another week of the weird and the wonderful.

You might remember my post about the John Peel obituary left on Thom's work desk... Well the strange incidents continue.

I was on a train to Preston this week, and whilst tucking into my apple and cinnamon muffin I thought I'd take a look at the onboard magazine. I open up to find the following message:

I turn to p.29 to find one of the most fabulous random acts I've ever come across!

This wonderful lad, Richard, decided to write his autobiography in the magazine. He said how he was a student who had broken up with his girlfriend of a couple of years. He's feeling better about that because he's met somebody else who has become his friend, but he thinks she is way to pretty and witty to ever consider him.

It was all very Belle & Sebastian, but it gave me the biggest smile on my face. I think I need to make an effort to leave random messages across the country, and spread the happiness myself!

Part 2 of the random incidents... Thom and I were in Berlin this weekend. Crikey, it was cold. Snow and everything! Lots of scarf inspiration too, but that's probably for another post. We came home last night and as I was trying to sleep I was thinking of all the things we didn't get to do, so I'll have to go back (when it isn't snowing).

Anyway, after walking all day on Friday, Thom and I walked into our hotel reception to find all of Architecture in Helsinki waiting around! It was the funniest double-take: look at band, look at each other, look at band. Thom went up to them to see if they were playing, and they said they were playing that night not too far away. So off we trundled to the Bastard Club in Prenzlauer Berg. It seemed rude not to see them again seeing as they were at our hotel!

I wasn't feeling too well at the gig, as I'd overdone it on the Gpoma at a Mumbai restaurant around the corner, but the band managed to clear that away. They were far better than when we saw them at the Scala on Sunday. They even performed 2 encores - the second one being a set of covers as they didn't have any songs left! After asking for requests (and denying my Dexy's request saying they could never do it justice) they launched into a very good take of Roxy Music's Love is the Drug. They are still 'bis does prog', but they improve with more listens.

So after that bizarre week we're going to go to the pictures to see the new Harry Potter. Yes, watching Jarvis Cocker play a Weird Sister should probably put my life back on the straight and narrow.


  1. That biography sounds wonderful... very cool.

  2. You should start up your own group for people who leave random messages in public places. It sounds like the sort of project Danny Wallace would get up to.

    I *really* want to go see the new HP movie. I had no idea Jarvis Cocker was in it (shows you how in the loop I am huh?) now you have told me that I want to see it even more !

    C x

  3. Good for Richard. Found magazine would be proud of you. x

  4. That's a beuatiful thing.

    I used to leave paper dolls made out of bus tickets on the bus for much the same reason.

  5. Oh my gosh, I totally do that! It's great, you never know who will pick it up, but you hope it touches somebody the way it touches you!

    Nice one, Richard!