Wednesday, November 09, 2005

the only way is up

Soundtrack: The Four Tops

Well after the stress of the photo below on Sunday, my hat has finally found it's natural position on my head! It looks pretty good, actually. It seems to make my hair flick out even more than it usually tries to, and it feels very comfortable. All this is incredible now I realise (although I already knew) that 2 of the main stitches in the pattern I knitted completely wrong! It was all the 'knitting through back loop' business that got me, and I did look online, and I did consult my knitting books, and I couldn't find anywhere that could demonstrate how to do the stitches. Yesterday I did manage to find some explanations on, which will put me in good stead when I attempt the infamous clapotis.

I've also realised another reason for my lacking knitting confidence; the yarn I've been using. No doubt I've made the mistake most novices make, in knitting the most attractive and fluffy yarns first... all that big chunky fluffy furry wool. This is all well and good, until you've had to rip the project up a few times, or until you've worn the item fo a week or two. Then you're just pulling fluff off all the time, and the item looks old and deteriorating. This week I've started knitting a present in Rowan wool cotton. Oh my god it's BEAUTIFUL! So soft, and such great stitch definition. I've even been doubling up my yarn, yet there's no split stitches, no dropped stitches - I haven't ruined it! And everything looks so neat and professional. Now I realise I CAN do it! :)


  1. Of course you can do it!

    If you get stuck with a funny technique, try - if you can get over the accent, that woman's great - video action, the works. I even bought the CD ;) if you fancy a copy, let me know (shameless, I know)

    And yeah, avoid those fancy yarns, they're not very forgiving. Ok, so I'm totally biased about wool but it's natural elasticity makes it very easy to work (and re-work) with.

    I wanna see the happy beret!

  2. I'm envious of your knitting successes! Should I knit myself a red, scoop neck tank top in a slightly fluffy yarn? I tempted...