Thursday, November 24, 2005

the lurgy

Soundtrack: The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers

It's been very quiet in blogland this week. It seems everybody has come down a cold and taken time off work.

I've been under the weather since last Wednesday. I thought it would spoil Berlin, but I managed to get over it. Yet here I am, still ill. It won't blow up into enough to take the day off (and I've said before I find it hard enough to take sick days), but every morning I feel like I'm waking up with the worst hangover. And I'm also going through tonsil stone hell right now, which is just aggravating all my other symptoms.

We had our first band practice in a month on Monday, as everyone's been on holiday. By Tuesday morning I felt absolutely rotten. I'm really worried about this not sorting itself out by our gig in Hythe on Saturday. I could barely sing a note in rehearsal, or rather, I was singing worse than usual... I have lots of strepsils, tissues and homemade vegetable soup to get me better, so wish me luck. :(

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  1. Good luck :)

    I can heartily recommend the Extra Strong Lockets... taste revolting but very effective.