Tuesday, November 01, 2005

one foot in the grave

Soundtrack: Roxy Music - Country Life

I'm such a miserable sod. It was Halloween last night, and on my walk home I passed FOUR groups of trick or treaters. You get the obvious tweenagers in their bin bags, and then there were the cute kids who were properly dressed-up and being dragged around by a mum.

So what did I do when I saw the cute ones opposite my house when I got home? Well I ran in, locked the door, drew the curtains and turned some lights off. There was the cutest and most apprehensive knock at the door, but I didn't answer. Thom even turned his Transformers DVD down. See! I'm Victor Meldrew before my time! It's not like we had anything to give them, and in this day and age you'd get a firework through your letterbox for refusing... Ok, so the cute kids probably wouldn't have done that, but I shouldn't feel pressured on my own doorstep!

Being a miserable sod is inexcusable seeing as I used to do the same as a child. I was that child who wore a bin bag and carried an up-turned umbrella to collect our treasures. I was the kid who dragged my sister out and walked around the houses playing Good King Wenceslas on my recorder. Eeee, them were the days. When did I turn so bitter and cynical?


  1. Thom13:07

    And here's me thinkin you were trying to protect the kids from seeing me!

  2. One time I answered the door, dressed up ready to go to a halloween party myself. I was met with screams of terror.

    My Dad's car got egged, but we haven't had too many fireworks in our house, but our luck might run out on Saturday.

  3. and you said that halloween was a reason to have kids. tsk.

  4. Maybe it was more fun to hide behind the sofa and pretend you're not in?

    We don't get trick or treaters anymore... we live way too close to where I teach...and being as I painted bright daisies over the front door, the kids know that's where I live and leave me alone ;)

  5. Children stay away from my house now. Thankfully cats are slow learners.