Monday, June 13, 2005

time flies

Soundtrack: Beach Boys - Friends

I forgot to return with an update on the rest of my 2 weeks absence. Oops.

Well, the weekend I went back to Rochdale I set back early on Sunday as I had to make a band practice in Windsor that night. I only went and bumped into Dan (Gresham Flyer) and Kristin at Paddington. Bless Dan for looking after Kristin. There were plans for exciting London bank holiday action - my friend Ashley was visiting from Nashville, and Kristin thought a bank holiday was a good enough reason to spend a long weekend in London. I felt terrible having to go back to Rochdale, like I'd really left Kristin in the lurch. She was meant to be stopping at mine all weekend, and then obviously I wasn't there. To add insult to injury, her early flight was delayed by 4hours, so I'm surprised she didn't just turn back and stay in Edinburgh in a huff. Thankfully Thom was able to pick her up and chaperone. Thom, Kristin and Dan bunked at my house Saturday night (a bit bizarre without my sister or I being there!) and then Dan looked after K when she finally emerged from her pit on Sunday morning afternoon. Hehe.

Kristin sat in on our band practice. We were waz-less, and it had been a couple of weeks, so we were nowhere near decent. K seemed pleasantly surprised though. I finally managed to make it up to her on Monday morning when we went for a lovely long walk up to Windsor castle, just catching up and taking it easy.

On Monday night I finally managed to get together with Ashley (although I should have been packing for Corfu), and I got stupidly drunk. Flying with a hangover is never a good idea. I blame the lemon cello that was forced upon me. And probably the box of red wine. I don't remember much of that night, except the words 'Professor Phallus' and an attempted brain growing.

31st May saw Thom and I fly out to Corfu. 12hours, and a treachorously narrow hillside coach drive later, we arrived in Kalami. The resort was just magnificent. The hotel was cut into a tree-lined hill (but bigger than you imagine a hill to be). Every day saw us walk up and down a 45degree incline, and I now have legs of steel. We wanted quiet and we got it. By the 2nd day I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and bliss. I don't remember the last time I felt like that. It was just lovely not going by any set time, waking when we wanted, sleeping constantly and just reading and reading. The resort was tiny, with only 3 tavernas for entertainment, but perfect for what we wanted. A lovely way to spend our anniversary!

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