Thursday, June 23, 2005

an honest mistake

Soundtrack: The Bees - Free the Bees

I've just returned from lunch where I spent time sat on a patch of grass in Waterloo. And this is how pathetic I am - I don't think I've ever spent a lunchtime just sitting on the grass reading. Isn't that madness?!

It's glorious sunshine here, and I just really wanted that feeling that I had in Corfu. Warmth, escapism, relaxation and switching off. Why haven't I ever done this before?

Goodbye lunchtimes on the internet!


An amazing natural phenomenon happened last night.

Last night, due to the summer solstice, the earth being tilted a certain way, and really scientific stuff like that, the moon appeared a lot bigger and closer to the horizon than it usually is.

I remember walking home last night and Thom pointing it out. I was too drunk to even recollect it.


My sister accused me of being a music fascist this morning.

I might have the opportunity to see New Order tomorrow (finger's crossed). FOR FREE! They're playing in Hyde Park, and I held out on buying a ticket because I was hoping they'd tour the new album. No tour was announced, and the only chance I'd get to see them was at the 'Wireless Festival'. The name of the festuval (sponsored by O2!) just strikes fear into my heart.

I went to see Simon & Garfunkel in Hyde Park last year, and the sound was atrocious. I decided against spending £35 for a ticket. Particularly once I saw The Bravery were playing. I told my sister 'You'd have to pay me to endure that'.
'They're just so.... pointless. They're just such a zeitgeist band.'
'God Sharon, you're such a cynic. They write really good songs'
'Piss off, they used to be a ska punk band!'

I don't like being accused of being a fascist, I think it's more the fact that I'm passionate about music. I can't help getting riled by a band that's so obviously opportunist and in it for every buck they can make.

But yeah, anyway. Keep your finger's crossed for me!

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