Sunday, June 26, 2005

I used to think that this day would never come

Soundtrack: The Gresham Flyers

So Friday turned out to be brilliant.

The New Order ticket I managed to get hold off wasn't just free, it was VIP. I thought this would be nothing more than just a nice flushing toilet, but there was free ponchos (good for the non-stop rain) and a FREE BAR. So I was drinking Pimms and cocktails all afternoon, and getting rather giddy with it all. Despite the rain, there was a great atmosphere hanging out with my friends. Just a lovely afternoon.

I spent the whole afternoon sneezing though. The strangest thing - I think I'm developing hayfever. I've never had it before, but for the past couple of weeks I've been sneezing constantly, itchy eyes and nose, and sooooo tired. Can you develop hayfever? I'm obviously pre-disposed to some allergies, considering my reactions to insect-bites (I still have marks on my arms from Corfu). I really hope these symptoms don't continue.

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  1. Yo.

    I developed hayfever about five years ago, and now i got it real bad. Sorry bout that.