Sunday, June 19, 2005

the lovely bones

Soundtrack: The Byrds - Renaissance Fair

I've just finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I had to look past the over-sentimentality that isn't my usual cup of tea, but I found it quite an interesting novel.

I'm not sure I really go for the concept of deceased loved ones looking down from Heaven, but that aside, I found the novel reassuring with everything that's happened in my life recently. Tragic circumstances can bring families more together.

This weekend I sent my Auntie Carole a 60s mix CD. I made it for the bowlie mix swap that I take part in, but the theme was inspired by my Uncle Alan. I started making it while he was in hospital, and the aim had been to send it to him, a CD full of The Byrds, The Doors, Incredible String Band - all the music he and Carole had loved and grown up to together. I wanted to show him that although I was a niece that lived 300miles away, it didn't stop me understanding what made him tick. That I understood everything that made his life.

He died before I completed the mix, but I sent it to my Aunt this week. She received it yesterday - the same day as she received my Uncle's ashes. She sat in her bedroom with his urn and the music I compiled for her and Alan. She text me:

"Oh Sharon you do not know how happy you have made me today listening to our beloved 60s music. Tears flowing it is such a release. You understand me and my music."

I guess it's the simplest gesture that speaks volumes.

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  1. jamie06:40

    that's really sweet, sharon. it's sad, but uplifting at the same time.