Friday, October 21, 2005

these boots weren't made for walking

Soundtrack: The Gresham Flyers - Bush Studio Demo

I love autumn and winter. It means it's time to get my knee-high boots out, get my denim skirt on, nice thick tights just poking through. It also means by the time I get to work and the balls of my feet are aching, I take them off. Then I get warm, and my legs (a little on the chunky side to begin with) decide to expand, and before I know it I can't get my bloody boots back on. My hands are an absolute wreck, what with the cold, bad soap, knitting, playing bass (they still haven't recovered from last month) and now trying to pull the zip up my boots. They're red raw and peeling like mad. Gah.

Or perhaps it was my boots way of telling me I didn't really want to go downstairs to get a bag of crisps.

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