Wednesday, October 26, 2005

rainy days and wednesdays

Soundtrack: The Beatles - Past Masters Vol 2

It's 10am and it's officially the Worst. Day. Ever.

Last night (ok, that was yesterday) there was a powercut. So instead of going home, because we couldn't cook, we went to Thom's mum's and ordered pizza. Ok, so that wasn't so bad, just an inconvenience.

Because I hadn't been home I'd forgotten all about the power cut, so as I went to bed I just switched the alarm on not thinking. The alarm went off. Obviously my body new something was wrong; I couldn't speak, I couldn't make sense of the world, it was extremely dark. I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off [/Stephin Merritt]. I looked at the clock - it was just gone midnight. I reset the alarm and go back to bed.

It's morning, and it's light. Thom wakes me up - it hasn't even been light walking to work, so something's obviously wrong. The clock flashes 3:30. Great, another powercut. My train is due in 5minutes. I have to forego a shower and go to work feeling greasy and dirty and horrid. Inexplicably, I decide to wear a top I bought two months ago but haven't worn yet due to Thom exclaiming 'That's DISgusting'. So today I feel just great. I get to work an hour late.

Well, I deserve a cafe latte after all this rigmarole, so I buy my coffee, go to make toast, and then go to collect my coffee. In the meantime the coffee machine has broken down.

And then I get to my desk and discover that two members of one of my favourite bands, De Novo Dahl, are leaving the band.

I want to go back to bed. :(


  1. sounds quite traumatic. I on the otherhand woke up naturally when my body was ready, had a leisurly breakfast in bed, watched a bit of 'to buy or not to buy' and marvelled at how the plebs involved had 400k to spend on a house, went for a run, had a lovely moussaka for lunch and then went to work to enjoy a coffee and a well deserved sit down.

  2. Bloody part-timer.

  3. I know, I dont know how ill cope if/when i have to go back to nine to five rat race type shenanigans