Tuesday, September 27, 2005

a journey through technology

Soundtrack: Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power

I love technology. It just takes me a while to adapt, and sometimes I get it wrong. I received my first CD player in 1994. In 1998 I bought my first mobile phone and started using the internet. I doubt I bought anything online until this century. I bought a Minidisc recorder in 2001, but that's no use now. I bought an mp3 player and started my first blog this year. I love the idea of RSS and all that technical malarky, but I won't get round to using it until everyone else does.

So, my new advancement in technology? Renting DVDs online! It's such a good idea, but why haven't I done it before?! Why has it scared me so? I was talking to my American friend Rick yesterday; he's a member of Netflix and couldn't say enough about it. I wasn't convinced, until he explained how the whole DVD renting thing just fits around your lifestyle. And it's really cheap. And there isn't a video shop in my village, so I've got nothing to lose! So I've gone with Amazon, and already have 25 DVDs lined up. It's a bit mad that there is a service that's so obvious, and accessible, and cheap, and such a good idea - and I've been to scared to do anything like it. I'm sure it will change my life. ;)


  1. Screenselect was really good (and cheaper than amazon?) But I have cancelled my subscription to support local industry (and not have to pay a monthly fee to have DVDs sitting around the house that I have no time to watch...)

    P.s. RSS is the way forward... It's how I know when you update your blog...

  2. How do you use RSS? I know I have it selected in my settings, but I don't know anymore than that.

    We don't have a local video shop to support, so I'll see how t'internet goes. :)

  3. You should ask David, maybe. I'm using a good RSS aggregator for the mac, but you can read all about in my blog...

  4. Anonymous16:26

    We do have a local video shop. But all they have is a tatty yellowing copy of Young Guns and Navy Seals without the case. And they still want to charge 3.99 a pop!