Tuesday, September 20, 2005

being a girl

Soundtrack: The Zombies - Odyssey and Oracle

I think one of my better qualities is that although I'm a girl, I'm not really that girly. I have short hair, I don't wear make-up and I don't take more than half an hour to get ready for a night out (including the shower). But I've noticed over the years that my girliness is creeping up on me.

As soon as I was allowed to start dressing myself, skirts and dresses went out the window. I was a strictly leggings, cycling shorts and waistcoat girl (this was the 80s). At college I was a cords and velvet jacket girl. And at uni I was a jeans and band t-shirt girl.

I never used to enjoy this thing called 'clothes shopping' that girls are meant to be so good at. I'd walk into a shop, realise they didn't do my size, and walk straight out. I could probably say that throughout 3 years at uni I spent about £50 on clothes (excluding the XL band t-shirts). I spent hundreds on Doc Martens and trainers though...

I think losing a bit of weight did it to me, but about 3years ago I started wearing skirts. Suddenly I realised that skirts could be fun! It took me another couple of years to have the courage to wear skirts without tights, but I made it. And now barely a day goes by when I'm not thinking about the right shoes to go with my skirts, or whether my hairclips will co-ordinate with my colour du jour. I've learned to accessorise.

And now, after work this afternoon, I'm tempted to pop down to Regent Street and visit Lush for the first time. I've always crossed the street when I've come to that shop because of the smell, but now I'm getting excited about other girls talking about shower gels called Sonic Death Monkey and I. Must. Have. Now.

I'm even considering starting to wear simple make-up for the first time.

What's happening to me?!!!


  1. Mid-life crisis?

  2. You'll be reading "magazines" soon and then discussing then with your new girlie friends over a "coffee".

  3. Me too! I'm actually getting less girly stylisticly in that I've started wearing t-shirts and recently acquired my first pair of jeans since my early teens. However, I have found myself considering the potential joys of paying for a haircut, dieting, accessorising and future motherhood. I still can't shop properly or wear pink so there's hope yet.

    Don't start worrying until you find yourself giggling with other females about Britney's post-pregnancy diet and watching 'Beaches' when 'Alien' is on another channel. Lush is perfectly acceptable, you get to smell like a hippy and their staff are always lovely.