Friday, September 23, 2005

fried spam

I've just turned word verification on in my settings. There seems to be a lot of spam recently (a lot more than there was in my day), so it's probably the best idea.

I'm going to miss the messages of business opportunities. And I'm going to miss messages of 'love the site'. They might have an objective in spamming, but at least they're polite with it.

And every girl needs a confidence boost every now and then. :(


  1. Heres a lil somethin if not a boost! :)

    I love lush... i love the aroma it gives the entire second floor of the mall. And i loved reading about ur experience buying somethin from there. Good writin gurl... keep on at it!

  2. I didn't know what Word Verification was before. I use HaloScan or something, so I don't need it as much, but I think you definately made a wise decision.

    Comment spam is just mean.