Friday, February 25, 2011

Sandie Shaw

I read a post on Pop Molecule which made me dig out a bit of Sandie Shaw.

Back in 1984 (as the fashion proclaims) Sandie Shaw release 'Hand in Glove', a track originally written and recorded by The Smiths.

Morrissey and Marr were huge Sandie fans - even using her track 'Heaven Knows I'm Missing Him Now' as the title inspiration for one of their biggest hits:

Of course, everyone knows Sandie reached her fame by helping the UK win the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time with 'Puppet on a String'. But, like Sandie, I'm not a big fan of that song. Here is the far superior 'Long Live Love':


  1. Anonymous12:09

    love Sandi Shaw...she was known for not wearing shoes but i think the real reason was because of static electricity or something..

  2. Always thought it was a great shame that she is best known (among non-smiths fans at least) for Puppet on a string. My Sandi fave is 'Always something there to remind me'.

  3. Anonymous14:57

    Do you work in the library?