Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas in Littleborough, 2010

I usually find Christmas quite stressful - who to spend it with, Rochdale or Windsor, Thom or family... This year we spent it with my mum and it was a breeze - why can't every Christmas be like this?!

A highlight was a Christmas Eve walk with my mum, sister and brother-in-law. You might remember the crazy snow. It was so bloody brassic up north that even the waterways were frozen over.

Poor little duckies and geese.

We started by the canal in Littleborough and followed the Ealees brook route up to Hollingworth Lake. The sparkle of the snow was dying for some hipstamatic action, playing with reflected light...

I couldn't believe it when we reached the lake - completely frozen! I saw some rather precarious footprints walking out away from the shore... I'm not sure I would've quite risked it.

What a wonderful walk, not to mention a welcome break from the soap-and-brew-a-thon that usually constitutes a bank holiday!

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