Wednesday, May 11, 2005

gym'll fix it

Soundtrack: The Kinks - David Watts

The strangest thing happened yesterday. I went to the gym.

I wouldn't have done it without Thom actually calling the gym on my behalf to arrange the induction. He's been quite keen to get me to join up. I resented it at first. But I have issues with my body (as everyone does), and at least if I feel like I'm doing something I will probably feel better in myself. And I have issues with exercising. It's not the physical activitiy of it, it's more maintaining my interest in it. I tried to start running, but got bored. So the gym seems the best solution, I guess.

So there was me waiting for my induction. I had stomach ache I was so nervous. I was being inducted with another lady, Cara. We just sat there in silence, and then she asked me if I'd been to the gym before. 'No. And I'm absolutely terrified.' 'Oh thank god - me too!'. So that broke the ice. And our instructor was very nice, and gave us a good go on a lot of the machinery. I particularly took a fancy to the rowing machine which looks out at the swans swimming on the Thames.

I think I'll keep it up. I have to at least give it a month of going 2/3 times a week. I want to notice some difference. I've started fanatsising about joining the work gym, and going every night after work. Well that's not quite going to happen, but I hope this eagerness lasts. And dare I say I'm enjoying this slightly achey feeling I have today?

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  1. I enjoy going to the gym. I've got to the stage now where I feel guilty and as if I've wasted an evening if I don't go. You won't notice a huge difference straight away, but I daresay you'll notice that you feel something - you feel less out of breath, your muscles give you a little ache to say hello, you'll feel mentally better for it, you'll notice tautness in some places and firmness elsewhere, and you'll soon find yourself whizzing through your routine making a light task of anything that at the start you find difficult. Well worth it.